Ukraine Crisis

Ukraine Crisis

War has broken out in Ukraine. Millions of people are fleeing the country and heading west. Many will seek refuge in Poland and in Slovakia. They need our immediate help.


What is Happening in Ukraine


Uncertainty in Ukraine has now culminated in an outright attack by Russia on Ukraine. This has caused many people to flee in fear for their lives. According to information (UN), more than 2 million people have left Ukraine so far. These are mostly women and children, because men have been called to defend their country. Many are traumatized, and come with only basic supplies. The fighting and the consequences of the war are causing further masses of people to leave Ukraine.


How We Are Helping


The Integra Foundation is helping in Ukraine, Poland and Slovakia.

  • In Ukraine, we have set up a temporary refuge near Kyiv for people on the move. We have created humanitarian aid warehouses around the country, mainly with food and hygiene products, which we supply from Slovakia and Romania. We also provide material aid to approximately 3000 internally displaced people in Ukraine. We support bus shuttle services between Slovakia, Poland and Ukraine.
  • In Poland, which has the largest influx of people coming from Ukraine, we provide accommodation and meals in cooperation with domestic partners. We support two coordinators, who are helping to accommodate refugees in Wrocław, Kraków, Gliwice, Bielsko and Cieszyn.
  • In Slovakia, we are in contact with partners from companies, churches and non-profit organizations, with whom we are looking for opportunities to help people fleeing from Ukraine. We are primarily trying to provide accommodation and meals for those who are arriving. We are contracting and supporting partners who have the capacity to take care of larger numbers of arriving people. We have created accommodation capacities for 1000 newcomers, and we also accept requests for the transfer of people from our Polish colleagues. We have supported the establishment of food banks, participated in donation collections and concerts for people from Ukraine, and we manage regular humanitarian aid heading to Ukraine.
  • Networking and cooperation. We have initiated assistance in Ukraine in cooperation with the international Integral Alliance. We are in communication with six members of the alliance, and we are gradually creating conditions for launching further humanitarian relief projects to help Ukraine. One of the partners of the alliance is operating on the Polish – Ukrainian border.

Thank to our partners directly in Ukraine, in Slovakia and in Poland, we are doing everything in our power to alleviate the suffering of the people on the run and from the war.

Thank you for joining us in helping the people of Ukraine. We greatly appreciate it and we need it very much.



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