The Middle East

The Middle East

Millions have fled their homes in fear of war, violence and death. Some have gone to Europe, but many have remained in their countries, facing the consequences of war.

Nearly 4 million Syrian refugees live in the Middle East; 1.6 million are in Turkey, and others are in Jordan, Egypt and Iraq. Almost 8 million people are displaced in Syria alone. That is, they have fled their homes, but continue to remain in the country. It is difficult to imagine that 2 million of them are children. If we continued in the statistics, we would arrive at the figure 16 million. That is the number of people who need help.

Why We Are Able to Be Effective with Our Help

We are a member of the international Integral Alliance, which is involved in humanitarian activities around the world. In this way, 23 members from 14 countries work in 85 places around the world. Thanks to coordination and knowledge of the situation in the given country, this aid is fast and effective. Our partner within the Alliance is the MedAir organization, which we cooperate with in helping the people in the Middle East.

Thanks to your donations, we have helped provide:

  • Food and healthcare
  • Hygiene supplies
  • Sanitation in refugee camps
  • Gradual infrastructure renewal




Ivana Čorbová Climate and Humanitarian Projects Coordinator
Ivana coordinates the Integra Foundation’s humanitarian and climate projects. She is in contact with our partners and provides up-to-date information from the field about our activities, through which we help people affected by wars or natural disasters. Ivana also communicates with organizations such as SlovakAid in Slovakia, Ambrela - Platform for Development Organizations, or the international Integral Alliance and its members.

Stories from the field

Our Partner Schools and Children’s Homes

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