Child support

Our Partner Schools and Children’s Homes

We support the education of poor children in Kenya and Ethiopia. Our partner schools and children’s homes provide them with education, food, and a place to live. The basis of this support is cooperation with sponsors who give a regular monthly donation of 25 euros towards the education of a particular child. Thanks to this, the child can go to school, and receives school supplies, a daily nutritious meal at school, medical care and, if necessary, accommodation. You can find out more about our partner schools and orphanages below.



Beacon of Hope School

It is located in the capital city Nairobi. It educates the poorest children and young people from the nearby slum. It is part of the Beacon of Hope Centre, where there is also a kindergarten and where educational courses for young people take place. After completing them, they can work e.g. as plumbers, hairdressers, tailors or electricians.

St. Anna’s School

The rural primary school educates children in the Muranga area, which is a two-hour drive from the capital, Nairobi. Most of the children are orphans or half-orphans whose parents died of AIDS. They are looked after by relatives who do not have money to pay for school supplies. Thanks to the support, the children can go to school and later continue their studies at high school.


TAPA School

It is located on the outskirts of Kenya’s largest slum, Kibera. It is part of the TAPA Centre, where there is also a kindergarten. In addition to education, the children receive a daily nutritious meal and drinking water. There is also a tailoring workshop in the centre, where uniforms are made mainly for schools, and it also receives orders from various companies. The aim of the tailoring workshop is to help finance the activities of the centre, which, in addition to education, offers the children the opportunity to spend the afternoon meaningfully.


Praise Gate Children’s Home

It is a home for children and young people who were previously on the street in Nairobi. Mostly, they are orphans or children whose mothers also live on the street. They gathered leftover food, begged for money, did not have medical care and lived in very dangerous conditions. A married couple takes care of them in the home, who gives them love, acceptance, and helps them prepare for school. The children attend the surrounding primary and secondary schools. All the children at Praise Gate have Slovak sponsors.

Youth for Hope Children’s Home (SPK) 

It supports children from the poorest families, mostly from the slum in Nairobi, Kenya. Since many are orphans or half-orphans, they also provide a place to live. Thanks to good conditions, the children complete not only primary school, but also secondary school or vocational training. Some students continue their studies at university.




Bishoftu School

It is located in Debre Zeit, an hour’s drive from the capital, Addis Ababa. It is part of the Bishoftu Centre, which, in addition to education, also provides health care to poor children from the nearby slum. The centre also works with the children’s families, as it is located near the slum.


Shalom Kindergarten

The Shalom Kindergarten was established near the city of Debre Zeit in Ethiopia, in the poor rural area of Babogaya. It helps parents take care of their children during the day while they are at work. There is no maternity or parental leave in Ethiopia. Therefore, even mothers of very young children have to work in order to feed them. The children who are placed in the kindergarten can continue their education at the Shalom School.


Ambo School

It offers education to poor children in Ambo, which is located 125 km west of the capital Addis Ababa. The population in this area is completely dependent on agriculture. Their livelihoods depend on the annual harvest. Most parents do not have a stable job, so they have to look for various occasional jobs such as selling various goods, working on construction sites, selling agricultural products and other occasional jobs. We work with a local Christian church in Ambo, which is dedicated to the children and the needy in the city.


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