About the Integra Foundation

Alleviating the Consequences of a Broken World

We are a group of people
who like contributing to change.

We care about fairness, honesty, respect, and a positive approach. We are motivated by the Christian world view and the call to look after the weak and the needy. We stand together and support others.

1 000 children
1 000 children

in Africa, to whom we give support and a chance to be educated

22 000+
22 000+

African farmers, with whom we cooperate

1 000 000+
1 000 000+

trees that we planted in Kenya and Ethiopia

1 913 549 €
1 913 549 €

we have used to alleviate poverty and to help people

The Integra Foundation has been helping for more than two decades.

We started in 1995 with training for beginning entrepreneurs in Slovakia, providing microloans, and creating small social companies. Nearly 500 women completed our courses, who then went on to set up small businesses.

We later refocused on Africa, where we have provided almost 2 million euros’ worth of aid so far.

In Kenya and Ethiopia, we have developed a “Child Sponsorship” program, thanks to which poor African children can go to school. Completed education has provided work for many of them, and they are able to look after themselves and their families.

Part of our work is also humanitarian aid. We are a member of international humanitarian Integral Alliance, with whom we cooperate in the event of crises, wars and natural disasters.

We are also active in the area of economic development and fair trade. We create decent working conditions and fair wages for poor farmers in Kenya and Ethiopia, thereby raising their standard of living.

In Africa, we also plant trees and help improve the climate. They will help the Earth to better regenerate and absorb excess carbon emissions. For their growers, trees provide a sustainable source of livelihood and dignified working and living conditions.

Our team

Allan Bussard

Foundation Director and Administrator
Call me: +421 903 419 216

Caulene Bussard

Representative of our African Partners in Slovakia

Erika Kremská

Media Relations
Call me: +421 907 133 103

Ivana Čorbová

Climate and Humanitarian Projects Coordinator
Call me: +421 918 949 884

Martin Simon

Marketing and Fundraising
Call me: +421 901 705 422

Lucia Pagáčová

Child Sponsorship Program Coordinator
Call me: +421 911 727 335

Jana Široká

Project Coordinator

Alojz Macsai

Social Enterprise and Trade
Call me: +421 911 419 210

Veronika Macsai

Project Coordinator
Call me: +421 911 444 902

Iveta Novotná


Slavomíra Sláviková


Miroslava Ebská

Office Manager

Renáta Štefeková

Administration and Sales

Slavka Golis


Alexandra Kušnyérová

Child Sponsorship Program Coordinator

Ľubica Bánová


Mikuláš Černota

Project Coordinator