We helped traumatized children

The war in Ukraine and the violence that accompanies it traumatized the whole society, especially Ukrainian children. That is why, with a professional team of psychologists, we help families improve their mental health. In the summer, we mainly helped children with trauma.

Together with our partner organization Realis, we prepared a Psychosocial program in the summer focused on processing trauma. It was attended by 280 people from the Chernihiv region – children, their mothers and grandparents. Fathers were absent, the vast majority of them are at the front line and some families have lost their fathers.


Therapy for families and sports activities

Families came for two-week stays in Irpina and Vorzel near Kyiv, where experts worked with them. In total, we organized eight tournaments during the summer.
Psychologists and social workers helped the participants throughout the day. Both children and adults received individual and group therapy, including art therapy, filial therapy, legotherapy and other different appropriate forms of therapy.
Parents also received counseling on how to help traumatized children. They also liked to participate in group therapy, where, among other things, they could exchange their experiences. They also received practical help when visiting doctors or offices. Child care was provided at this time. In addition to professional care, everyone could also participate in sports or creative activities. They could at least forget about their troubles for a while.


A stressful childhood

Children and their loved ones live in constant stress. They have trauma from attacks on the place where they live. Another problem is that the attacks are unexpected and often the warning siren does not even have time to go off. Children learn online because some schools do not have enough shelters.


Education for professionals

Our aim is to help as many children as possible. That is why we have also prepared training for experts on trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, their manifestations in children, and the possibilities of recovery from traumatic events.


Join us

The Integra Foundation has been helping people in Ukraine since the beginning of the war. Join us and make life easier for the children, which has changed so cruelly for them.



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