Ukraine Crisis

Ukraine Crisis

War has broken out in Ukraine. Millions of people are fleeing the country and heading west. Many will seek refuge in Poland and in Slovakia. They need our immediate help.

Since the beginning of the war, Integra Foundation has been helping our eastern neighbors to alleviate their suffering. At the beginning, we focused on providing basic needs, we brought dozens of trucks with material humanitarian aid to the country. Later on, we supported the reconstruction of houses, the construction of small mobile home units and launched a Program of Psychosocial Assistance and Micro Enterprise support.

Two years of war in Ukraine convinced us that our help makes sense. We have gotten to know many sad stories, but we could also see many lives changed and also hope for better times. How has the Integra Foundation been helping so far?


Food and non-food aid

  • The Integra Foundation has been helping in Ukraine since the beginning of the war. Over the course of two years, we have sent over 1,400 tons of humanitarian aid – 90 trucks and 25 minivans, mainly food & non food, but also generators, medicine and hygiene supplies.
  • More than 400,000 people received help in various parts of the country, including the areas of the war line.


  • We supported the reconstruction of 41 small family houses
  • we supported the construction of 27 wooden mobile home units
  • 235 people could get a new home.


Psychosocial assistance
  • In Ukraine, we launched a Program of Psychosocial Support for people to process a chronic stress and trauma.
  • A total of 2,300 people, mostly children, could receive such help. Experts have worked with clients in groups and individually.
  • To make this help even more effective, we have also supported the training of experts in the field of dealing with trauma.


Support of Micro Enterprises
  • We support women who want to start their businesses in Ukraine as a part of humanitarian aid. Many of these women had to restart their businesses because of the war. They are alone, without their husbands, away from their homes and they are taking care of their families.
  • We distributed onion and potato seedlings to small farmers in the Chernihiv region so that they could restore crop cultivation in war-torn locations.
We continue with our help
  • We continue to provide psychosocial assistance to children and families who need to cope with trauma and its consequences.
  • We help in the construction of mobile home units and public bomb shelters,
  • We help with the reconstruction of a clinic and restoration of a dental clinic in Ukraine near the Russian border.
  • We continue to support women in their Micro Enterprises.
  • We also continue to provide material humanitarian aid to people who lack basic needs such as food, clothing and hygiene items.

Nadacia Integra helps in Ukraine:

We established representative Integra Foundation office in Ukraine

In March 2024, the Integra Foundation office was established at:

30 Khorolska St.,
02090 Kyiv

ID number: 26640783

Temporary e-mail contact: .


Why is still important to support people in Ukraine
  • Ukrainians constantly face attacks by the aggressor, and it most affects ordinary civilians.
  • Many important strategic points as power stations are non-functional.
  • By focusing on military defense, Ukraine has almost no capacity to restore infrastructure and to help people in their everyday life.


Join us

Two years of war in Ukraine brought a lot of suffering and destroyed many lives. People affected by war still need our help and support. However, their needs change faster in uncertain times, and we want our respond to be correct with activities of Integra Foundation. We can only help in Ukraine thanks to our partners and individual donors like you. Thank you, every donation makes a difference.



Photo: Nadácia Integra

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