Fair Shopping

Even Shopping Helps

By buying fair products, you are helping poor farmers in developing countries to live with dignity. The farmers are connected to a system that provides them with social, economic and ecological benefits. Fair products have certificate symbols such as FAIRTRADE, WFTO, Fair For Life and others.

Fair trade ensures fairer trading conditions for the farmers, observing human and labour rights, and respecting the environment.

The Basic Principles Include:

  • The purchasing price ensures a dignified life
  • Long-term business relationships
  • The prohibition of forced and child labour
  • Long-term development of local communities
  • Controlled use of pesticides and agricultural chemicals
  • The prohibition of using genetically modified crops
  • A gentler approach to the use of natural resources

Fairtrade raw materials are mainly grown by small-scale growers in Africa, Asia and South America. These are mainly coffee, tea, bananas, cereals, cut flowers or cotton.

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