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Compliance and MEAL Manager




The Integra Foundation is a humanitarian and development organisation whose main mission is to mitigate the consequences of a broken world in places where the needs are the greatest. Integra has been helping people for more than 25 years, currently working in Kenya, Ethiopia, Syria, and Ukraine.

Integra is a member of the Integral Alliance, a network of 21 Christian humanitarian organisations, working according to the highest humanitarian standards – the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS), the Red Cross Code of Conduct and the Sphere Standards.

By complying with these standards, we aim to ensure that we support people and communities affected by crisis and vulnerability in ways that respect their rights and dignity, and promote their primary role in finding solutions to the crises they face.

Integra’s membership in the Integral Alliance calls for the highest standards in Humanitarian work, so as to enable effective cooperation with other members.

Field of Responsibility:

To ensure the implementation of Integra policies and best practices in MEAL, fostering a culture of transparency, quality, accountability, and continuous improvement in Integra’s Global Humanitarian and Development Programming.

Success in this responsibility should lead to increased ability and capacity for Integra to attract resources and deliver effective assistance to increasing numbers of people.

Specific Responsibilities:

Compliance Responsibilities:

1. Ensure adherence to all relevant regulations, standards, and donor requirements across all projects.
2. Develop, update, and implement compliance policies and procedures.
3. Identify and assess compliance risks, implement mitigation strategies, and conduct regular risk assessments.
4. Provide training and support to staff on compliance-related issues.
5. Conduct regular internal audits and compliance reviews, report findings, and ensure implementation of corrective actions.

MEAL Responsibilities:

1. Deepen understanding of Integra MEAL policies and practices.
2. Engage in creating and implementing Integra MEAL policies and practices.
3. Engage in baseline/needs assessments, including design and data collection.
4. Establish good communications and working relationships with Integra program personnel.
5. Ensure an adequate MEAL component in project proposals.
6. Create tools for data collection and analysis, and train relevant co-workers in their use.
7. Continuously learn from humanitarian MEAL best practices and engage with partner organisations to apply systems and lessons.
8. Develop and maintain ITT (Internal Tracking Table) or dashboard for project tracking.
9. Develop and monitor beneficiary feedback systems, ensuring they are accessible and acted upon.
10.Create and disseminate a Learning Document for each project.
11. Coordinate and secure competent external evaluations for designated projects.
12.Provide up-to-date and accurate data in response to specific donor requests.
13.Develop data and support Integra reporting requirements for CHS, WFTO, Carbon, Organic, and other standards.
14.Other responsibilities that emerge from these areas as assigned by Supervisor.

Required Skill Set, Qualifications and Experience:

Upon Entry:

1. Ability to creatively solve problems.
2. Competence in data collection and analysis.
3. Proficiency in English; knowledge of Ukrainian/Russian is a benefit.
4. Ability to work independently and stay organized.
5. Strong verbal and written communication skills.
6. Precision in managing detailed data and compliance requirements.
7. Graduate level degree in related field, with 5 year work experience in relevant area.

To Be Acquired:

1. Competence in the latest humanitarian MEAL best practices.
2. Deep knowledge of compliance standards in humanitarian and development contexts.
3. Enhanced skills in using advanced data analysis tools and software.
4. Ability to work effectively in diverse cultural contexts.
5. Skill in using data tracking and analytic software that may be applied to the program.

Work Requirements:

Travel: Willingness to travel to project sites in Ukraine, Kenya, Syria, Ethiopia, and other locations as required.

Teamwork: Active participation with Integra Program, Finance and Marketing teams will be required to be successful.

Supervision: Reports to Integra Disaster Response Manager

Salary (gross): From 1,500 EUR/month. The final salary conditions depend on the applicant’s experience.

If you are interested, you can respond to the job position by sending an e-mail to and

Thank you.

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